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ARVE Pétillant

ARVE Pétillant

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Fragrance description

You are high up in the mountains, surrounded by imposing stone pines whose resinous aroma fills the air. Suddenly, the invigorating freshness of Italian lemon penetrates the morning chill and blends with the aromas of the forest.

On a journey through the luminous mountain panorama you will encounter nuances of iris, pink pepper and rose. They bloom like wildflowers around a crystal-clear mountain lake and weave their aroma into the cool atmosphere. The Eau de Parfum is then rounded off by the earthy and woody tones of guaiac and vetiver.

ARVE Pétillant is an olfactory portrait of nature, in which the freshness of the mountain air, the warmth of the sun and the beauty of the landscape merge together. A perfume that awakens the longing for freedom and adventure.

  • Produktfoto vom ARVE Pétillant im Sonnenlicht mit grünem Hintergrund
  • Produktfoto vom ARVE Pétillant mit Verpackung im Sonnenlicht und grünem Hintergrund
  • Stimmungsvolles und surrealistisches Foto mit grünen und rosa Akzenten
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Fragrance notes

Stone pine oil

The stone pine (Latin: Pinus cembra), also known as the "Queen of the Alps", is a coniferous tree that grows in the Alps and thrives at extreme altitudes of up to 2500m. The valuable stone pine oil is obtained from the needles, twigs and heartwood.

Careful attention is paid during production to select only the richest material. This is followed by an air drying process to remove excess moisture and preserve the fragrances. The actual extraction of the essence is a process that uses steam distillation.

Due to its characteristic scent with resinous and woody nuances, it is appreciated for its refreshing and soothing properties.

Italian lemon

Known for its vibrant citrus freshness, Italian lemon is a highly sought-after ingredient in perfumery. Its scent is reminiscent of sunny Mediterranean landscapes and gives every perfume composition an invigorating top note. Lemon essential oil is obtained by cold-pressing the peel of the fruit, extracting the pure essence of its distinctive aroma. Their unique fresh, floral and aromatic facets resonate in the heart of the perfume creations and give them an extraordinary energy

pink pepper

Pink pepper, a coveted and unique fragrance in perfumery, embodies timeless elegance and individuality. Its fragrance intrigues with a subtle blend of savory, spicy and fruity notes that give the perfume an incomparable allure.Pink pepper essential oils are carefully steam distilled to capture the ripe berries in all their glory


The essence of the iris is not extracted from the flower, but from the rhizome or root of the plant. The bleached iris, botanically known as Iris pallida, is used in perfumery. She is from the Florentine region of Italy. After a three-year growth phase, the rhizomes are harvested, dried and then ground into a fine powder.

Steam distillation produces a viscous essence, also known as "iris butter". This essence of iris envelops the senses in an elegant, floral fragrance with powdery nuances and intriguing depth.

Rose Centafolia

Also known as the "Rose de Mai," the Rose Centafolia is a delicate and highly desirable species of rose that blooms only once a year. Due to their delicate nature, the buds are too fragile for traditional distillation. Therefore, after harvesting, they are processed into a precious absolute by extraction with volatile solvents. This process makes it possible to preserve the unique scent of the rose blossoms in a particularly gentle way. The rose absolute that is extracted from it contains the multifaceted floral notes that make Rose Centafolia so special and are rounded off by light honey accents. It forms the heart and base notes of a perfume, giving it an unmistakable elegance.


The vetiver plant does not reveal its essence from the flowers but from its roots. The roots are harvested after several years of growth, thoroughly cleaned and carefully dried. They are then ground into a fine powder. The process of steam distillation produces an essence commonly known as "Vetiver Oil". The unique fragrance profile of this essence is characterized by earthy, woody and slightly smoky notes that give the perfume an unmistakable depth


Guaiac essential oil is known for its warm and woody nuances. Its fragrance transports the senses to exotic worlds. The oil is obtained through the distillation of the resin of the guaiac tree, extracting the pure essence of its distinctive aroma. The unique woody, earthy and slightly balsamic facets of guaiac oil give the fragrance a warm and intriguing dimension. Reviews with

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