Unique fragrances carried by stone pine oil.

The individual and complex perfumes from ARVE are unique creations based on pure pine oil from Austria. Two luxurious fragrances, equally for men and women, of high intensity and quality. ARVE Chaleureux is a spicy-woody Eau de Parfum with notes of cinnamon, lavender and fig leaf. The new ARVE Pétillant brings out the beneficial scent of Swiss stone pine with Italian lemon and rose centifolia.


Our philosophy


At ARVE, love and respect for all living beings is at the heart of our philosophy. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to us to develop products that are vegan and contain no animal ingredients or by-products.

Our decision to create exclusively vegan perfumes reflects our commitment to animals, our environment and our health. It ensures that none of our products contribute in any way to animal suffering and underscores our commitment to ethical and sustainable business practices.


We believe that perfume knows no gender. Fragrances have the unique ability to evoke emotions, evoke memories and tell a personal story, and we believe these experiences should not be preempted.

By making only unisex perfumes, we hope to give you the freedom to choose what you like best and encourage you to be your authentic self.


For ARVE, sustainability is not just a concept, but a deeply rooted philosophy and responsibility that shapes our actions and thinking in all aspects. In a world increasingly confronted with the impact of human actions on the environment, we firmly believe that it is our duty to contribute positively and make a difference


Every customer at ARVE Parfum deserves the best, which is why we focus on the highest quality when selecting our ingredients and creating our perfumes.

Our fragrances are composed of carefully selected and high-quality raw materials to ensure that each product meets the highest standards and offers an unrivaled fragrance experience.

Additionally, our commitment to quality extends beyond the finished product. It also includes customer service and the shopping experience. Our goal is for you to experience satisfaction and joy at every step, from the first touch of our product to the last drop in your bottle

With remarkable attention to detail


We wanted our fragrance to be visually simple and yet effective with a special aesthetic. The base, like the cap, is made in our manufactory in the Salzburg region.

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A fragrance for people and nature


Our primary goal was to use resources sparingly and responsibly in the production of our pure and highly concentrated Eau de Parfum and to rely on what nature has to offer.

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